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Craig Desjarlais

Craig Desjarlais

Hockey Director, Loudoun Knights

David Dixon

David Dixon

Executive Director, Loudoun Knights / Ion Registrar

Dan Keyes

Director of Goaltending Development

Carrie Drake

Carrie Drake

Loudoun Knights Chief of Scheduling / League Liaison / Social Media Director

Practice Schedules are posted!

Practice schedules for the 2023/24 Knights season have been posted to your SportsEngine accounts.  Coaches and Managers, please report any errors or descrepencies to the registrar.

2023/24 Teams (Projected)

The Loudoun Knights Plan to field the following teams for the 2023/24 Season:

UPDATE:  Tryout notifications are now being processed.  Please allow up to 24 hours for notification.  Notification will indicate Teams 1,2, or 3 for each age group.  Please use the guide below to see what level your team is projected to play this season.

  • 8U - CBHL, Two Teams
    • Team 1 - 8U AA/A  (Huff/Getsy)
    • Team 2 - 8U A/B (Haferbier)
  • 10U - CBHL and EJEPL
    • Team 1 - 10U AA  - (Watkins) CBHL National/ EJEPL Diamond
    • Team 2 - 10U UA - (Klauka) CBHL Upper Patrick / EJEPL Futures Gold
    • Team 3 - 10U LA - (Levesque) CBHL Lower Patrick / EJEPL Futures Silver
  • 12U - CBHL and EJEPL
    • Team 1 - 12U AA - (McCarthy) CBHL National / EJEPL Diamond
    • Team 2 - 12U UA - (Hazzard) CBHL Upper Patrick / EJEPL Futures Gold
    • Team 3 - 12U LA - (Robey) CBHL Lower Patrick / EJEPL Futures Silver
    • Team 1 Girls - 12U Girls - CBHL
  • 14U - NTB, CBHL,and EJEPL
    • Team 1 - 14U AA - (O'Brien) NTB, CBHL National, EJEPL Diamond
    • Team 2 - 14U UA - (Elias)  CBHL Upper Patrick , EJEPL 13U Diamond or Futures Gold
    • Team 3 - 14U LA - (Gore) CBHL Lower Patrick / EJEPL Futures Silver
  • 16U  NTB, CBHL, and EJEPL
    • Team 1 - 16U AA - (Romola) NTB, CBHL National, EJEPL Diamond
    • Team 2 - 16U UA - (Burke)  CBHL Upper Patrick / EJEPL 15U Diamond or 16U Futures Gold
    • Team 3 - 16U LA - (Joseph) CBHL Lower Patrick / EJEPL Futures Silver
  • 18U CBHL Only
    • Team 1 - 18U UA - (Flieg)  CBHL Upper Patrick

*Teams and Divisions subject to change based on registration and final assessment of selected team's skill level.

Welcome to the Loudoun Knights!

The Loudoun Knights are excited to launch the 2023-24 hockey season!  Coach Craig Desjarlais will lead the Knights in their fourth season.  This season the Knights will be playing in the Chesapeake Bay Hockey League ("CBHL") and the Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League (EJEPL).   Goalie coach Dan Keyes and Tactical Goalie will continue  working with all club goalies, and with dedicated video rooms and athletic training spaces, the Knights offer an excellent opportunity for local players to develop.

And development is what we're all about.  The Knights AA and A hockey programs are an important part of the Ion Road- a full development model structured to promote players from their first ice touch through each advancement stage until they are ready to move on to college and beyond.  

Our staff is currently also working on building a robust development program at Ion to bring new players into the system, help them develop a passion for the game, and a drive to someday play for the Knights!

2023-24 SEASON INFO:  

Knights teams will practice Monday and Wednesday evenings, and take advantage of Ion’s tremendous resources, including a dedicated video room for off-ice instruction and specialty training spaces for hockey-specific strength training and conditioning.  Coaches will require players to be at both on-ice practices, the off-ice workouts, and one video session per week.  We believe in total athlete development, and must train our brains and bodies in addition to the training we do on the ice.

Knights home games will take place Saturday and Sunday afternoons throughout the season.  

All Knights' Teams will participate in 2-3 tournaments throughout the year, including tournaments both at Ion and elsewhere (Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Boston, and Michigan.)


Loudoun Knights Uniform Provider

Loudoun Knights 2023/24 have partnered with PureHockey as our Uniform provider this season.  Initial Uniform Fittings were held May 5th - 14th at PureHockey in Sterling.  A Supplemental fitting for those who missed the first one will be announced for some time in the June/July time frame. 

Loudoun Knights 2022-23 News

The Knights Proudly Support USA Hockey's American Development Model

Click here for details!

USA Hockey's Parent Handbook

We Are the Loudoun Knights!

2021/22 EJEPL 12U Gold II Champions!

Congratulations to the Knights 12U Silver, EJEPL 12U Gold II Division Champions!

2021/22 EJEPL 14U Gold II champions

Congratulations to the Knights 14U Gold, EJEPL 14U Gold II Division Champions!

2021/22 CBHL 10U UA Champions

Congratulations to  the Loudoun Knights 10U Silver, Champions of the CBHL 10U UA Division

2022/23 EJEPL 13U Diamond Champions

2022/23 EJEPL 10U Diamond Champions