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IAHL Senior Series Showcase

Hockey for 40 years old and up

IAHL SeniorS, The 40+ Club

We have a great group of folks in the 40+ club who meet every Sunday morning at 7am for pickup hockey.  Use the link below to join their group (no charge to join the group, but you do have to pay for your pickups slot to get on the ice)

  • The standard time slot will be on Sundays- 7am to 8am (subject to availability), when possible, the time will be scheduled from 8am to 9am
  • All-Star rules in effect:  “no grabbing, clutching… if a player beats you, sit back and enjoy the show” 
  • Each Session will be $15
  • Passes are available at the registration link, the more you buy the more you save!
  • Goalie 100% discount code:  40goaliesfree
  • Age 40 Plus 

Join the 40+ Club

Join the roster for the 40+ club so you can see the schedule and RSVP for the days you are coming. This helps the organizers gage the attendance.

Pre-Register for 40 Plus Pickup on Sunday mornings

If you are having troubles with the registration window above showing or working correctly in your browser, you can take this link to the proper page to register.

Link to see Pickup times

40 Plus Pickup slots are specifically for this group