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Stick and Shoot, Pickup Hockey

*NEW* Procedure for Drop In Events (Pick Up, Public Skate, Stick N Shoot)

Before arriving at the rink, check the link below to see what is available.

  • Follow the URL Below
  • Add the item (Public Skate, Stick N Shoot, or Pickup Hockey) that you wish to participate in
  • **Pay online, you will be emailed a receipt with a QR Code
  • When you arrive report to the front desk to check in.  Scan the QR Code at the front desk and sign the *waiver sheet.
  • Stick N Shoot/PickUp will receive a sticker that must be work while on the ice
  • Public Skate will receive a wrist band during check in, this must be worn while on the ice
  • Public Skate participants who purchased rental skates will receive a ticket for the skate rental desk.

*In order to participate in a stick and shoot, a pickup, or a public skate, you must sign the waiver at the front desk,  and pay for your spot.

** You can still pay when you get here, but the line will move much faster if you pay online before your arrival

Please NOTE:  Everyone must check in at the front desk when they arrive.  Participants who have not checked in, paid, or signed the waiver will be asked to get off the ice.

Pre-Pay for Stick and Shoot, Pick up, and Public Skate

*NEW*, see what drop in events are available and pre pay before you arrive. You will receive an email receipt with a QR Code that you will scan at the front desk when you arrive to expedite your check in process.

Stick N Shoot

Practice makes perfect!  Ion offers two types of Stick N Shoot:

  • Ages 14 and Under for younger players.
  • Ages 14 and Up for older players and adults.
  • Ages 40 and Up for Senior players 40 years of age and up

*Full Hockey gear is required for Stick N Shoot sessions.

Pickup Hockey

Pick-up hockey sessions give adult players of all skill levels the opportunity to play in a non-competitive environment. Pick up sessions are offered regularly each week. Occasional skill or age-based sessions are offered when ice time allows.

  • Slots Listed "Pickup" are for all ages
  • Slots listed 18+ are for players 18years and older
  • Youth Pickups are for all player 17 years and younger
  • 40+ pickups are for players 40 years and older

*Full Hockey Gear is required for Stick N Shoot (Shoulder pads and face protection is at the player's discretion) 

Pre-Register for 40 Plus Pickup on Sunday mornings

The 40 plus pickup is for Adult Player 40 years and older. It is organized pickup and it helps to pre-register so that the organizers know you are coming.

Ion ITC Daily Schedule (24 hrs)