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David Dixon

David Dixon

USA Hockey Registrar

IAHL GAME SLOTS (Fall/Winter 2023/24)

  • C Division 
    • Sunday's 10:00pm, 10:10pm
    • Playoffs: TBD
    • Championship: TBD
  • C/D  Blend Division 
    • Tuesday 10:10pm, 10:20pm
    • Playoffs: TBD
    • Championship TBD
  • D Division
    • Wednesday  10:50pm, 10:55pm
    • Playoffs TBD
    • Championship TBD
  • Makeup Game/ Round out nights
    • Thursday 10:15pm, 10:30 pm

How do I know what Division to Pick?

D Division

  • You are new to hockey.
  • You have been playing hockey for a while but are here for the beer and prefer a slower pace.
  • You just want to have some fun without someone trying to skate circles around you or skate through you.


C/D Division

  • Been playing for a while, not to serious about myself but want to play with other players that are around my skill level.
  • Not here to show off for the NHL Scouts
  • Here for the beer
  • You just want to have some fun without someone trying to skate circles around you or skate through you.
  • Just want to have some fun…but at a more advanced level.


C Division

  • The scouts just haven’t seen me yet, but I know they are watching.
  • I have memorized every Chirp from Letterkenny and Shorsy and I am not leaving the ice until I have exhausted them all.
  • Dr. Hook from Slapshot is nothing compared to me.
  • Elbows up is how I skate.
  • In my opinion, the Officials are always wrong.
  • I always keep foil in my bag.
  • I am on IAHL watch list and they have a book on my past transgressions with hours of video of my best “hits.”

Team Registration For Fall/Winter is *Open*

Team registration for the 2023/24 Fall/Winter Season Is


Season begins Aug 27

Individual Player registration (mandatory for all players) is still open.  Players seeking a team can complete the individual player registration and select "Draft Pool".  Captains will reach out to you if they need a player.  

Rosters will lock in Week 10

Register Here



All players participating in the 2023 Spring/Summer Season MUST complete the Individual registration that will be populated below (When available).  If you are Draft Pool Player looking for a team, fill out the Individual registration and select "Draft Pool", you will be added to a list of available players for Captains to contact.

Welcome to the Ion Adult Hockey League (IAHL)

The Ion Adult Hockey League (IAHL) is our premier adult hockey league.

Currently supporting 3 Divisions, we have a wide variety of skill levels for you to participate.

We welcome new teams but don't feel left out if you do not have a team.  We offer a "Draft Pool" Option during our individual registration.  You don't pay when you register for the Draft Pool, you will make a payment to a Team Captain when you get placed on a team.

The League runs two times a year and features a 20 game season plus playoff games.

IAHL Co-Ed League (D, d/C Blend, & C Divisions)

  • Fall/Winter Begins August 20 thru March 12, 2024 
  • Team Registration is "Coming Soon"
  • 20 Games plus Playoffs (Top 4 of each Division participate in Playoffs)
  • Divisions:   
    • "Benders" D  Level Players; I have slowed down or I have just started playing, I love hockey and having some drinks with my team and I want to make it to work the next day.
    • "Intermediate", A blend of D and C Players;  I am still pretty good at this, I want to play with skaters at my level, but I still want to have some drinks with the team and don't take this too seriously
    • "The Show" C  level and up players:  I think I still have it, I want to compete and win at all costs, Rules mean nothing to me, I find neck braces attractive and am ok getting shown up on a weekly basis
  • Time slots, start/finish, and blackout dates are shown to the left
  • Times are subject to change based on registration numbers
  • *IAHL reserves the right to split Divisions into upper and lower groups per Division based on past performance
  • *Co-Ed Draft Pool Registration for individuals looking for a team.
  • Pricing:
    • All Division Team Base Price:  $6000 ($500 deposit to hold your spot, $5500 balance due by March 10)
    • Co-Ed Draft Pool Registration:  FREE
      • Register for our DRAFT Pool if you are looking for a team and we will help you find one
  • Skill level rules outlined in the IAHL rule book must be adhered to.  Players performing above or beyond their registered skill level are subject to re-assignment
  • *Individuals may register for the Draft Pool for free.  Your information will be shared with Team Captains looking for players.   Want to start your own team, sign up as a Team Captain and find players in the Draft Pool.

IAHL Senior SERIES Pickup (40 plus)

Senior Series has moved to a Sunday morning pickup see for details