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Lower Pond Division

Upper Pond Division


The 2nd Annual New Years Eve Classic

Friday, December 31, 2021


All Schedule, Scores, and Standing can be found at the link below:

For More Information:

David Dixon
Ion International Training Center Adult League (IAHL) Commissioner


Ring in the new year with your closest hockey buddies. Ion will host a 3-v-3 Pond-Style hockey tournament on Friday, December 31st.  We will have 4 divisions: A/B, C/D, 50 plus, and Novice,.  Teams are limited to 7 players, and guaranteed a minimum of four pond-style games (half-ice, pond nets, no lines, no goalies, 20-minute running clock games). 

  • December 31, 12:00pm thru 8:00pm (New Years Eve)
  • Lu's will have a DJ and some other festive activities!
  • Four Pools of 4 teams each
    • Pool A- A/B Division
    • Pool B- C/D Division
    • Pool C- 50 plus
    • Pool D- Novice (for Beginner to Novice)
    • Pool composition is planned at 4 teams each but will be dependent on registration numbers
  • 3 Round Robin games
  • 1 Championship or consolation game
  • Cost =
    • $400/team or
    • $70 per individuals without a team
  • Jerseys are provided, please provide your Size and color preference during registration
  •  Registration deadline is December 20th
  • Schedule will be published December 22nd.


  • 3 player min 7 Player max, no goalies
  • 3 vs. 3 Half Ice, pond nets used
  • Each game is one 20 min running clock period
  • 4 Game Guarantee
  • Teams receive 3 points for a win and 0 for a loss, 0 for ties. Teams are ordered by points, then goals against, then goals for (ascending).
  • Notify us of team color during registration or bring dark and light jerseys
  • This Tournament will be operated by the Ion Adult Hockey League (IAHL) 
  • All Teams Must be comprised of USA Hockey Members with a valid 2021/22 USA Hockey number (Rosters will be requested after you register your team)


10/07/2021– 12/20/2021


Registration is Closed


$70.00/individual (without a team)


Four Game Guarantee

(Round Robin)

  • Each Game is 20 min running clock, see rules for overtime
  • Pond nets, no Goalies
  • Teams receive 3 points for a win and 0 for a loss, 0 for ties. Teams are ordered by points, then goals against, then goals for (ascending).

Upper Division Champions, LC Lumberjacks

Upper Division Champions LC Lumberjacks

Lower Division Champions, Hammerheads


Find your Team Name below.  The corresponding Pool and Team Number indicates when you are playing.  

Locker Room assignments are on the grid below, Locker rooms will be available by 11:15am., one member from each team will need to sign for the key and clear the locker room by 4:20pm

Players that have not submitted their Jersey sizes need to do so today to, if a size is not submitted, you are assumed to be size 4XL

Time   Activity North Pond (Near Lu's) South Pond (Near Zam Bay)
12:10 PM 25 Min Game A- Puck U 2021 11 vs Lumberjacks 6 B- Leftovers 9 vs Book Hockey 10
12:35 PM 25 Min Game A-Honey Badgers vs White Lotus B- Hammerheads Vs Nutcrackers
1:00 PM 10 Min Ice Cut Ice Cut    
1:10 PM 25 Min Game A- Puck U 2021 vs Honey Badgers B- Leftovers vs Hammerheads
1:35 AM 25 Min Game A- Lumberjacks vs White Lotus B- Book Hockey vs Nutcrackers
2:00 PM 10 Min Ice Cut Ice Cut    
2:10 PM 25 min Game A- Puck U 2021 vs White Lotus B- Leftovers vs Nutcrackers
2:35 PM 25 Min Game A- Lumberjacks vs Honey Badgers B- Book Hockey vs Hamerheads
3:00 PM 10 Min Ice Cut Ice Cut    
3:10 PM 25 Min Game Pool A Cons Pool B Cons
3:35 PM 25 Min Game Pool A Champ Pool B Champ
4:00 PM 10 Min Ice Cut Ice Cut    

Teams registered

Pool A Upper
1 Puck U 2021 2 Lumberjacks 3 Honey Badgers 4 White Lotus
Locker Room 1 Locker Room 2 Locker Room 3 Locker Room 4
Gore Dustin Keener Brent D'Agostino Nic Vantol
Burke Brian Johnson Eric Flagg Ben Reich
Nelson Joseph Merkel Casey Whitaker Duncan Baldwin
Germani Daniel White Colt Taylor Tyler Lamb
Sanders Daniel Liverette XL Dave Enter Sean Fitzpatrick
Kucinich Ross Kasmier   Brian Paszko
Pool B Lower
1 Leftovers 2 Book Hockey 3 Hammerheads 4 Nutcrackers
Locker Room 5 Locker Room 6 Locker Room 7 Locker Room 8
Tompkins, Jon Briggs, Rick Jay Greeley Kelly Harmon
Brook, Bryan Hayden, Jeremy Drew Kelly Brian Harmon
Dixon Deaver, Paul Matt McQuary Kieron Heflin
Macik Bellinger, Adam Ben Levasseur Michael Gore
Pamula, Joseph Parks, Lester Jason Wert Kevin Supthan
Katz, Todd Bozic, Matt Mike Boelk Doug Plocki
Ryan Truman      
The Juniors Locker Room is available for FemalePlayers if needed

Tournament Structure and Rules

PERIODS:   (1) - 20 MINUTE PERIOD   - Running Clock

WARM-UPS:   Five (5) MINUTES.  The ice will be resurfaced every two game slots.

Full Rules Below:


Tournament Rules

  • All players are required to follow USA Hockey Adult Level equipment recommendations; all players are required to wear a helmet designed for hockey (HECC approved or otherwise). Helmets must include a chin-strap that shall be properly worn at all times.

  • All players must be 18 years of age by the start date of the tournament.  Teams must also follow the additional age requirements for their respective division.   

  • Players may only play on one team. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

  • Minimum number of players on a team is three (3); maximum is seven (7).  Teams must have three (3) players at the start of each game.

  • All Teams must have at least 3 players ready to play at their scheduled game start time.  If 3 players are not present within 5 minutes of the scheduled start, the game is forfeited and the NON-OFFENDING team will be awarded a 15-0 victory.  

  • The Ice will be resurfaced once every 4 games

  • The Home Team shall have first choice of which half of the ice to defend.

  • There will be a center ice face-off to start the game. The game will be one 20 min period, running clock. A five (5) minute warm-up is allowed before the game. Game is one period “Running Time”

  • Each team is allowed one time-out per game. All time-outs are one minute in length.

  • After a goal, the team that scored will be required to wait on their defending side of the center. The team that is scored upon must advance the puck up the ice immediately. Defending teams can engage the puck carrier once the puck crosses center ice.

  • There will be no offside or icing.

  • Penalties will be enforced.  Any minor penalty called such as tripping or slashing will result in a goal for the non-offending team plus change of puck possession. 

  • Any serious (major penalty) infractions will result in ejection from the game with no replacement.

  • Fighting is strictly prohibited.  Any player that fights will be ejected from the tournament with no replacement.

  • No body-checking is allowed during games. Any intentional, overt, or reckless body contact will result in a minor or major penalty.

  • There will be no slap-shots. If the stick rises above the knee in attempt of a shot or pass it will result in a change of puck possession.

  • There will be no lifting the puck above the knees; pucks that are intentionally raised above the knees will result in a change of puck possession.

  • Stick contact with the puck above the waist will result in a change of puck possession.

  • All players must wear helmets and hockey skates. Protective equipment is optional but highly recommended.

  • No use of goaltending equipment, with the exception of skates, shall be permitted..

  • A player may not lay his/her stick, drop to their knees or lay on the ice to protect the goal.  Players must remain on their skates in front of the goal.  No more than one player can occupy the space in front of the net.  Any act of “goaltending” shall result in an awarded goal for the non-offending team.


  • Round Robin Competition: If a game is tied at the end of regulation, a three minute, 3 on 3 run-time period will be held.  The team that scores the most goals during that time will be declared the winner. All goals scored will count towards the goal differential.  If still tied neither team will receive points

  • Playoff Competition: If regulation ends in a tie, there shall be a one minute rest period followed by a five (5) minute overtime period. Teams shall play 3 on 3. Playoff Overtime is non-sudden victory. The team which scores the most goals at the end of the overtime period shall be declared the winner. If the game is still tied after the first overtime period, this same procedure (1min rest; 5min OT) shall be followed until a winner is decided.

  • Teams shall return to their original ends of the ice for the first overtime period, and switch ends during each successive overtime period.  


  • If the tournament director(s) determine that an illegal player has participated in the tournament, the player(s) shall be immediately removed from the tournament and the team using the ineligible player(s) will receive a 0-1 forfeit loss in each of the games the illegal player(s) participated in.

  • Illegal players are any participants that,

    1. Violate the minimum age requirement for their skill division

    2. Participate in a division below their skill level

    3. Participate on two team rosters

    4. Are under 18 years-of-age.