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House Hockey

USA Hockey Welcome to New Hockey Parents

Register with USA Hockey

All new players ready to begin their development journey should register with USA Hockey.  Click HERE to review the benefits of becoming a USA Hockey Member.  Registration for players under 6 years of age is free.

LJ Taifas

Ion Hockey Director

Interested in Coaching for our 23/24 CCHL Season?

Clink this link to register your interest in coaching with the Ion House Program.

House Hockey at Ion

Skate with the Castles!

Players who have graduated from our Welcome 2 Hockey programs or otherwise demonstrated they possess a good hockey foundation,* are ready for a more robust training and competitive environment with the Ion Mites or the Castles, the house hockey affiliates of the Loudon Knights travel hockey club.  We offer co-ed teams at the 6U/8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 16/18U age levels for players.

The Ion Mites and Castles practice and play weekend games over the course of a 24-week season.  Our practices focus on high-tempo, station-based sessions with a heavy dose of small-area games.  Just like our Welcome 2 Hockey program, we want our players to develop and learn within the context of the game following the ADM.


Our 6U/8U,  ION MITES teams will play cross-ice games so that our players train in space proportionally relevant to their size and skill level.  Doing so makes that transferrable as those players advance.   Smaller players on small ice play the game with the same amount of time and space to make plays as they will when they are older players on full ice.  Ion Mites will have opportunities to participate in a Jamboree during the season.  This will be coordinated by team Managers who will collect the additional expense from families that would like to participate.


Our Castles Teams will play in the Capital Corridor Hockey League (CCHL).  Teams will be fielded at the 10U, 12U, 14U, and 16/18U Level.  These teams will participate in 12 regular season CCHL Games.  6 of these games will be played at Ion, and 6 will be played at other rinks.  All teams will participate in the Joe Loschiavo Memorial Cup championship tournament in either the 1st or 2nd week of March and are guaranteed at least 3 games in this tournament.

House seasons begin with evaluation skates and team placement in August.  House League training focuses on individual skill development within a team dynamic.  We work hard to keep all of our house teams balanced over the full season to encourage competition and enjoyment for all.  

Goalies- we have you covered.  Ion House practices include goalie instruction for those interested in learning this specialized position!


One team at 10U, 12U, 14U will be selected as a Select Travel team.  Only players who are in the House Program can be considered for the Selects Team.  These Teams will participate as Independent B Tournament Teams and will play between 2 to 3 travel tournaments.

All Ion Mites and Castle players must register with USA Hockey, and must have their own equipment.

Follow this link to get your 2023/24 USA Hockey Registration:


*Players can be evaluated by Ion certified coaches to progress to House without having completed Welcome to Hockey if they demonstrate sufficient fundamentals to safely compete in the House program.  All decisions regarding player placement will be made in favor of proper player development.

Please double check the chart below to make sure your child is eligible to play on the correct team

Date of Birth Age Category Age Division /  Appropriate Team
1 Sept 2005 18 Years 18 and Under/ CCHL 16/18U
1 Sept 2006 17 Years

18 and Under/ CCHL 16/18U

1 Sept 2007 16 Years 16 and Under/ CCHL 16/18U
1 Sept 2008 15 Years 16 and Under/ CCHL 16/18U
1 Sept 2009 14 Years 14 and Under/ CCHL 14U
1 Sept 2010 13 Years 14 and Under/ CCHL 14U
1 Sept 2011 12 Years 12 and Under/ CCHL 12U
1 Sept 2012 11 Years 12 and Under/ CCHL 12U
1 Sept 2013 10 Years 10 and Under/ CCHL 10U
1 Sept 2014 9 Years 10 and Under/ CCHL 10U
1 Sept 2015 8 Years *8 and Under/ Ion Mites
1 Sept 2016 7 Years *8 and Under/ Ion Mites
1 Sept 2017 6 Years *6 and Under/ Ion Mites



Our 6U and 8U Teams will play internal games as the Ion Mites and will have opportunities to participate in Mite Jamborees.


*NEW* The Castles will be members of the Capital Corridor Hockey League (CCHL) for the 2023/24 Season. 

Our 10U, 12U, 14U, and 16/18U teams will play other house teams from around the region for an 12 game regular season (6 home games and 6 games at other local rinks) and participate in a playoff tournament at the end of the season with a 3 game guarantee.  


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