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Welcome 2 Hockey

Ion's Learn to Skate Program

There are multiple development paths in the game of hockey, and no one path is the right path for every player.  Ion is proud to offer a Learn to Skate program certified by Learn to Skate USA.  

Players coming out of Try Hockey events are welcome to continue their development focusing solely on the most important part of the game- skating.  

Ion’s Learn to Skate program features

  • 30-minute weekly group classes 
  • free skate rental, and
  • admission to a public skate session at Ion.  

Their mission is to provide a FUN and positive experience that will spark & sustain a lifelong love of skating! 

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USA Hockey Welcome to New Hockey Parents

Interested in Coaching?

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Ion LTP - we have FUN!

Are you ready to learn how to play hockey?

Welcome 2 Hockey

Most players will begin their development journey in our Welcome 2 Hockey program. Welcome 2 Hockey is an initiation program which aims to teach basic hockey skills, slightly advanced hockey skills, hockey FUNdementals, raise hockey IQ, and prep your player to be ready for house hockey all while having fun doing it.  Whether you are a beginner, trying hockey for the first time, or looking to improve your individual skills for House Hockey, this program is built for players of all levels. We will show you what it means to play hockey as a team.

Ion Offers Welcome 2 Hockey in 5 Week Sessions

This program is for players ages 5 and up to continue developing their skills so they can transition from learning to play to participating in our Ion Mites or Castles League teams.

Welcome 2 Hockey builds on the basics of hockey: 

  • movement away from the puck
  • stability
  • contact confidence
  • fundamental team play.  

Why do we use small area games in our development programs?  The ADM emphasizes age-appropriate training as part of long-term athletic development.  ADM-style practices utilize station-based drills and small area games to increase puck touches, player interactions, and decision-making all within the context of the game.  The game is, after all, the best possible teacher.   

  • 5 week sessions focusing on team and game skills such as: line changes, face-offs, positioning and the rules of the game.
  • No prior hockey exprience, No Problem! Players are divided into stations by age and level. Your skater will be assessed and placed in the appropriate station.
  • Checking clinics for skaters 12 and up (optional), learn how to properly and safely play check hockey.
  • FUNdementals of Hockey to get your player ready for House Hockey:  Increase your Hockey IQ, learn the rules (What is off sides, what is icing, learn the positions and what they do, how and when to do line changes) 
  • Parents, if you are interested in eventually coaching, you are invited to join your child on the ice and participate alongside our coaches and learn how to coach hockey the Ion way.

Players at ADM practices move more and do more in their practices.  As a result, ADM-style practices deliver more efficient skill development and produce more skilled players.  The ADM is a nationwide blueprint designed specifically to help kids reach their full potential.  

All Ion Welcome 2 Hockey players must register with USA Hockey, and bring their own equipment including:

  • An H.E.C.C. certified hockey helmet with full face protection and chin strap
  • Ice hockey gloves
  • Elbow pads
  • Shoulder pads
  • Shin guards
  • Ice hockey pants
  • Hockey skates (hockey skate rental is available through the Front Desk)
  • Hockey stick
  • Mouth guard
  • Neck guards are recommended but not required. 

Welcome 2 Hockey

2024/25  Ion Welcome to Hockey Schedule:

May 4th - June 1st  (5Weeks) 

  • 5 weeks of basic skills (FUNdementals), advanced skills, prep for house hockey, Improving Hockey IQ, and familiarization with rules of the game.
  • 3:10pm ages 5 +
  • Feb. 17 is a black out date. No ice. 
  • $200.00

* Full equipment required for all Welcome to Hockey sessions.

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