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Ion Adult Hockey League (IAHL)


David Dixon

David Dixon

USA Hockey Registrar

IAHL GAME SLOTS (Fall/Winter 2023/24)

  • C Division 
    • Sunday's 10:00pm, 10:10pm
    • Playoffs: TBD
    • Championship: TBD
  • C/D  Blend Division 
    • Tuesday 10:10pm, 10:20pm
    • Playoffs: TBD
    • Championship TBD
  • D Division
    • Wednesday  10:50pm, 10:55pm
    • Playoffs TBD
    • Championship TBD
  • Makeup Game/ Round out nights
    • Thursday 10:15pm, 10:30 pm

How do I know what Division to Pick?

D Division

  • You are new to hockey.
  • You have been playing hockey for a while but are here for the beer and prefer a slower pace.
  • You just want to have some fun without someone trying to skate circles around you or skate through you.


C/D Division

  • Been playing for a while, not to serious about myself but want to play with other players that are around my skill level.
  • Not here to show off for the NHL Scouts
  • Here for the beer
  • You just want to have some fun without someone trying to skate circles around you or skate through you.
  • Just want to have some fun…but at a more advanced level.


C Division

  • The scouts just haven’t seen me yet, but I know they are watching.
  • I have memorized every Chirp from Letterkenny and Shorsy and I am not leaving the ice until I have exhausted them all.
  • Dr. Hook from Slapshot is nothing compared to me.
  • Elbows up is how I skate.
  • In my opinion, the Officials are always wrong.
  • I always keep foil in my bag.
  • I am on IAHL watch list and they have a book on my past transgressions with hours of video of my best “hits.”

Team Registration For Fall/Winter is *Open*

Team registration for the 2023/24 Fall/Winter Season Is


Season begins Aug 27

Individual Player registration (mandatory for all players) is still open.  Players seeking a team can complete the individual player registration and select "Draft Pool".  Captains will reach out to you if they need a player.  

Rosters will lock in Week 10

Register Here



All players participating in the 2023 Spring/Summer Season MUST complete the Individual registration that will be populated below (When available).  If you are Draft Pool Player looking for a team, fill out the Individual registration and select "Draft Pool", you will be added to a list of available players for Captains to contact.

Welcome to the Ion Adult Hockey League (IAHL)

The Ion Adult Hockey League (IAHL) is our premier adult hockey league.

Currently supporting 3 Divisions, we have a wide variety of skill levels for you to participate.

We welcome new teams but don't feel left out if you do not have a team.  We offer a "Draft Pool" Option during our individual registration.  You don't pay when you register for the Draft Pool, you will make a payment to a Team Captain when you get placed on a team.

The League runs two times a year and features a 20 game season plus playoff games.

IAHL Co-Ed League (D, d/C Blend, & C Divisions)

  • Fall/Winter Begins August 20 thru March 12, 2024 
  • Team Registration is "Coming Soon"
  • 20 Games plus Playoffs (Top 4 of each Division participate in Playoffs)
  • Divisions:   
    • "Benders" D  Level Players; I have slowed down or I have just started playing, I love hockey and having some drinks with my team and I want to make it to work the next day.
    • "Intermediate", A blend of D and C Players;  I am still pretty good at this, I want to play with skaters at my level, but I still want to have some drinks with the team and don't take this too seriously
    • "The Show" C  level and up players:  I think I still have it, I want to compete and win at all costs, Rules mean nothing to me, I find neck braces attractive and am ok getting shown up on a weekly basis
  • Time slots, start/finish, and blackout dates are shown to the left
  • Times are subject to change based on registration numbers
  • *IAHL reserves the right to split Divisions into upper and lower groups per Division based on past performance
  • *Co-Ed Draft Pool Registration for individuals looking for a team.
  • Pricing:
    • All Division Team Base Price:  $6000 ($500 deposit to hold your spot, $5500 balance due by March 10)
    • Co-Ed Draft Pool Registration:  FREE
      • Register for our DRAFT Pool if you are looking for a team and we will help you find one
  • Skill level rules outlined in the IAHL rule book must be adhered to.  Players performing above or beyond their registered skill level are subject to re-assignment
  • *Individuals may register for the Draft Pool for free.  Your information will be shared with Team Captains looking for players.   Want to start your own team, sign up as a Team Captain and find players in the Draft Pool.

IAHL Senior SERIES Pickup (40 plus)

Senior Series has moved to a Sunday morning pickup see for details

Use the IAHL Team Skill Estimator to determine what Division you should play in.

Tips for forming a new team

Are you thinking of forming a new team?  Here are some tips to help:

  • Using the form above, determine the overall skill of your team.  Remember, the goal is to create a team of like skilled players to compete at the appropriate level.  If you have ringers, then they carry your team and many of your players will never touch the puck (and that is not fun)
  • You want to have at least two dedicated lines of skaters that will show up week to week (10 players) and at least one dedicated goalie.  Remember, there will be work conflicts, family vacations, and other distractions during a 20 game season, so 13 to 15 skaters is usually better.
  • Once you determine the level you want to play, reach out to the league commissioner at, they will help connect you with resources to get you started
  • Determine what your cost is going to be and come up with a way to collect payment from your team so that you can meet the payment deadlines to participate in the league
  • Decide on a name.  In the IAHL, names can be funny but not offensive.  If you have questions, run it by the league Commissioner and he can give you guidance on what will and will not pass the test.
  • Decide on a logo, who is that one person on your team with some art skills (or find something royalty free online that you can use)
  • Now you need to get jerseys.  They can be fancy cut and sewn high quality jerseys, or inexpensive screen printed practice jerseys.  The IAHL Staff can provide suggestions on local vendors depending on your budget and turn around time.
  • Once you have your team planned out, your name and logo decided on, your jersey vendor picked, and your budget squared away, you will need to officially register your team.
  • Once your team is registered, you will need to have all of your players fill out the individual registration form, this is so the IAHL can roster your players on the team to track stats and we provide you with your own SportsEngine Team that you can track and communicate with online or with a mobile device.
  • You will update the league with all of your players jersey numbers and then you are ready for a season of IAHL hockey!

How the IAHL Defines Skill Levels for Players

In an effort to maintain fairness of play, the IAHL requests that players self-evaluate themselves based on the following criteria during registration.  Team Captains will also evaluate player as the season progresses.  The IAHL Leadership has the right to conduct a skill level evaluation of a player at any time during the season.

  1. Skill levels defined:
    1. Skill Level “A”:  Advanced to elite level players.  These players may have professional (any level, including Europe), NCAA Division I or III College, Major Jr., and Junior A playing experience.  May Participate in IAHL A Div (When available) or IAHL B Division.
    2. Skill Level “B”:  Intermediate to Advanced level players who may have experience at the Division II or III ACHA levels (including Non-Varsity), Junior B or C, Midget Major AAA, and Prep/Varsity High School playing experience.  May participate in IAHL B Division, Sub in IAHL A or C Division (*With Certain Restrictions, see below)
    3. Skill Level “C”:  Novice to Intermediate players that may have Varsity high school, and lower midget levels (Three years removed). Some players may have limited organized youth playing experience but have several years of experience as a recreational adult player.  May participate in IAHL C Division, May Sub in IAHL B and D Division (*With Restrictions See Below)
    4. Skill Level “D”:  Novice players with some organized playing experience (either as an adult or a youth), little or no youth playing experience but have played 5 or more years as an adult player, and players that have some non-varsity high school experience but are several years removed from those levels.  May participate in IAHL D Division, May Sub in IAHL C Division
    5. Skill Level “E”:  Beginner players with 1-5 years of entry level playing experience as an adult.  For Divisional placement purposes in the IAHL, skill level “E” players will participate in the “D” Division.  May participate only in IAHL D Division.

* Level Restrictions (One up or one Down Rule)

  • Skill Level A may not participate in IAHL C and below
  • Skill Level B may not participate in IAHL D
  • Skill Level B Players that play or sub on an IAHL A Division team five times will be classified as an Upper B player and cannot participate in IAHL C Division for the remainder of the Season
  • Skill Level B Players that play or sub on an IAHL C Division team five times will be classified as a Lower B player and cannot participate in IAHL A Division for the remainder of the Season
  • Skill Level C Players that play or sub on an IAHL B Division team five times will be classified as an Upper C player and cannot participate in IAHL D for the remainder of the Season.
  • Skill Level C Players that play or sub on an IAHL D Division Team five times will be classified as a Lower C player and cannot participate in IAHL A or B.
  • Skill Level D may not participate in IAHL A or B
  • Skill Level E may not participate in IAHL C or higher without a skill level re-evaluation.
  • Regardless of skill level, If you play on an A & B Team, you may not play in IAHL C and below
  • Regardless of skill level, if you play on a B & C Team, you may not play in IAHL A or D
  • Regardless of skill level, if you play on a C & D Team, you may not play in IAHL A or B.
  • Restrictions do not apply to Draft Divisions (When available) as teams will be composed of fairly distributed Skill levels.